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San Jose, Costa Rica
Friday, March 16, 2018

11 Tourist Robbed by River Bandits

A boatload of tourist were unable to upload images of their lunch to Instagram this past Saturday, after being ambushed by River Bandits as they stuffed their faces with fruit on a rocky river bank of the Rio Pacuare. According to local sources, the section of...

Bocas Del Toro: Too Much “Booger Sugar” (according to this article)

Bocas Del Toro - A present day island paradise that was first raped and pillaged by Spaniards in the XVII Century, then again by United Fruit a couple hundred years later, is a popular travel destination among smelly backpackers and people who block traffic to take...

Fabricio Alvarado: The Puppy Who Lost His Way

This is worth watching all the way through. It may change the way you vote this April. https://youtu.be/gZcIbAmi-K8

Santa Ana Driver Has Been Listening to Too Much Pantera

This driver in Lindora has been listening to way too much Pantera apparently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYfXjXTKfRc&feature=youtu.be

Envisionfest Death Total Bummer For Festival Goers

The lifeless body of a 30-year-old man was discovered at Envision Festival this morning in Uvita, effectively harshing the buzz of everyone in the vicinity. Since the body presented no signs of violence, it is assumed that the man overdosed on drugs, or drowned, but...

Machete Wielding Cop Chaser Foiled by Civilian

A Rio Claro man is lucky to not be in the USA today, after taunting a police officer with a machete. According to initial reports, the man became enraged with the transit official after being pulled over while allegedly driving under the influence of...

Amazing Howler Monkey Facts (this is nuts)

Howler monkeys are the loudest of all monkeys. They call to let others know where their territory is, alerting them to stay away. The calls sound like a loud whooping bark or roar.

Costa Rica 2018 Presidential Debate Best Moments (Nyan Cat Edition)

Just in case you missed it, The Costa Rica Post has compiled the best moments from Costa Rica's 2018 Presidential Debate. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/y_JgpPLx1Ng

La Senda Costa Rica: A Desert in the Middle of an Oasis

Have you ever walked through a lush tropical forest and wished it looked a little more like a desert? Homeopathic doctor Sergio Salas has. Big time. The idea to cut down a forest, build a maze, and charge people twenty bucks first occurred to Salas...

Hotel Del Rey: 1 Gringo Dead, 4 Employees Arrested

Four employees of the Hotel del Rey were arrested yesterday, after refusing to give police the location of a recently deceased North American, who allegedly bit off more than he could chew. According to authorities, an anonymous 9-1-1 call was received a little after 3...