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Thursday, September 19, 2019


DATELINE WEDNESDAY 14 AUGUST EL RANCHO PUBLIC GUN RANGE, HEREDIA 11:30 AM I'm here watching my buddy, Ratso, instruct The Kid: "Gigi" in how to properly handle a firearm;...

Missing American Probably Murdered By Costa Rican BFF

A missing American man from Tampa is assumed to have been murdered earlier this month, after charges his credit card stopped arriving and his abandoned rental car was found partially submerged in the Nuevo Rio River in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica.

Eco-Straws are Stupid, and this German just Proved It.

How biodegradable are "eco-friendly" PLA plastic straws in comparison to paper and petroleum-based plastic straws when discarded in nature? That is the question that German Immigrant Martin Isenburg was looking to answer when he set up the following experiment in...

No, You Can’t Legally Grow Your Own Marijuana in Costa Rica

Despite what you may have read on the internet, no, it is not legal to grow your own ganja in Costa Rica, no matter how bad your asthma, tuberculosis or numara thrombosis is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABc8ciT5QLs

Tico Terrorist Try To Take Down Torre Teletica with TNT (Video)

An explosive device was detonated this past Saturday night in front of the Teletica Offices in Sabana Oeste. The events occurred around 11:30 p. m. in the southwest corner, in front of the La Sabana Metropolitan Park.


By Nick Dangier DATELINE Saturday 28 JULY, CHINO'S BAR We are living in kooky times, folks. I say that as one who's witnessed over half a century of human high jinks. The world has gone totally bat shit,...


Dateline: Friday 12 July, Chino's Cantina By Nick Dangier I'm sitting at my usual position at my compa Chino's bar, here in the picturesque (if not character rich) west side of...

Racist Tico Totally Has Friends That Are Gringos

"Yo recuerdo estar un dia soleado en Kentucky trabajando en construccion", began Marlon, an emotionally scarred Tico who started hating North Americans after a bad experience he had while working like a Mexican in Kentucky.

America Sends Apology Letters for Nearly Conquering Costa Rica

163 years later and our pale-faced cousins from the north are still sorry. At least according to this apology letter we recently received from America for Juan Santamaria Day. P.S. Enjoy the double-pay though

How To Avoid Having Your Child Forcefully Vaccinated in Costa Rica

by Wen Yu Leavin Measles, a highly contagious infectious disease, has just been reintroduced to Costa Rica and local officials are blaming it on Gluten-Free tourist. The totally preventable disease, which was first spotted on an unvaccinated 5-year-old...