By P. Porte

Hollywood loves to film movies set in exotic locations, and Costa Rica’s remarkable nature makes for a stunning backdrop no matter what type of movie they are filming. We know that movie writers and directors aren’t exactly cultural or geographical experts but it would it kill them to at least look at a map or something before they start filming?

#5 Columbus finds the wrong Coast in 1492 and nobody cares

I believe I will call it a "green"
I believe I will call it a “green”

Directed by Ridley Scott and Filmed in Punta Leona, 1492: Conquest of Paradise follows the footsteps of Christopher Columbus as his convoy of ships somehow flies over the Caribbean and finds himself on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica just in time to civilize the natives. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the movie but I like to think that they made up for the whole wrong coast thing utilizing advanced special effects.

#4 In Fast & Furious 6 some really stupid stuff happens

FFS Vin, really?
FFS Vin, really?

I mean I haven’t watched it and I never will, but I assume it was really bad and played hard into Latino stereo-types and there were car races and stuff.

#3 In Runner Runner Poker Affiliates feed people to Crocodiles

While it is true that at one point there were almost as many poker affiliates as crocodiles in Costa Rica it is highly doubtful that there were many interactions between the two. It should also be noted that Ben Affleck is a terrible actor and no one saw this movie.

#2 Southpark turns San Jose into a war-zone


Although San Jose is not the most beautiful of cities to behold it’s not in quite in shambles like it was when Comedy Central’s South Park discovered it back in 1999. Some great strides have been taken to improve the look of the city and Mayor Johnny Araya has made his mission to remove the ass smell most recently even attacking the the stench with fire hoses.


#1 Jurassic Park sinks half the Country into the ocean

They say the view of the beach from Escazu is spectacular

Prior to the events of Jurassic Park series, Costa Rica apparently suffered a monster earthquake so devastating that it sank half the country into the Pacific and opened up thousands of miles of new beach front real estate.


It’s hard to say exactly how long before the events of the movie this earthquake took place but apparently it wasn’t that recently because the tourism sector seems to have already recovered, either that or Ticos are really quick to move on.

“Dodgson, we’ve got Dodgson here!”



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