Just run it under the faucet Carlos
Just run it under the faucet Carlos

The fruit and vegetables harvested in areas close to Turrialba Volcano are safe to eat if properly washed according the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock yesterday after reviewing the results of an analysis by the University of Costa Rica(UCR).

The analysis was made after concerns were made of the possibility of the presence of heavy metals in the ashes that could be absorbed by the produce.

Felipe Arguedas, Vice-Minister of of Agriculture and Livestock explained that their only recommendation is to wash your foods with clean water and the vegetables harvested in the zone present no risk for human consumption.

In related news The Health Ministry is also working side by side with AyA to ensure that the public drinking water doesn’t pose any risk either.

The last eruption occurred Tuesday at  9:45 p.m and mostly affected the communities in Cartago that produce the majority of the nation’s vegetables.




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