In Costa Rica bus assaults are by no means a rare occurrence. The internet is chock full of thieves, would be thieves, and recently deceased thieves who have all tried there hand at the modern version of the Stage Coach robbery.

Below we have compiled a list of our personal favorites.

By C. Huxtable

#5 Polite thief lets passenger exit bus first

He wasn’t there for the cellphones anyways. This fast nabber just  grabbed the coins and ran. Personally I think he’s a bit of an underachiever, he should have at least tried to grab dude’s backpack while he was there.

 #4 Man would rather die than let this thief take his phone

Fortunately he doesn’t end up dying this time but he gave this would-be thief the surprise of his life. Whereas we don’t recommend risking your life for something as meaningless as a cellphone we applaud this young man for his bravery.

#3 Bus driver in Cartago fights back before he remembers he doesn’t know how to fight

Four passengers sat on their hands while a courageous bus driver fights to get back their cell phones to no avail. It would have been a much better video had it not been the bus drivers first fight. The thieves made off with 5,000 colones and four cell phones. The bus driver got a paid month and a half off from driving a bus.

#2 In Desamparados a bus driver and passenger team up to take down the bad guy

It didn’t appear that this guy was expecting the bus driver to put up a fight when a brandished a knife in an attempt to relinquish the driver of his coin sponge. Pretty soon a passenger jumps in and starts pulling WWF moves. The fun came to an end when a cop that happened onto the scene and shot out one of the door windows.

#1 Two Men Enter, One man leaves in this botched Robbery in Alajuela

The only reason this video beat out the previous entry is because in the end one of the dangerous criminals was taken off the street for good as they decided to pull out guns and assault a bus full of passengers right as the bus rolled up to a group of armed police officers. The scene played out fairly quickly with one of the suspects being shot to death by police officers and the other getting arrested.

When not risking his life on public transportation the author of this article enjoys drinking guaro and reading The CR Post.



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