As you can imagine, with me being an expat journalist and all, I’ve spent a lot of time researching Costa Rica both in the field and on the web. In my studies I have learned many things about the amazing wildlife, the fabulous Costa Rican cuisine, Music, Culture, things with molecular structures and a hundred-and-fifty ways to prepare a bean. But today I must say was a real eye-opener for me.

The things I learned today cannot be unlearned and thanks to Scholastic’s Online Teacher’s Resource I’ve learned everything I need to know about Costa Rica. You can read the whole article HERE otherwise I’ve cut and pasted the most important parts for you below.

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Annotations by Justin Wilson

#5 Iguana is one of Costa Rican’s favorite dishes (and you’ve been spelling Costa Rico wrong all this time)


Costa Rico and Favorite Dish2
Costa What-o?

That is at least according to Edsart Besier, the Dutch conservationist who founded the Iguanaverde Foundation in 2001. Where were you when we were compiling our list of the Top 5 Costa Rican dishes recently Edsart?



#4 Ticos will do just about anything to get them some Iguana Meat (even break the law)


locals steal iguanas

Well it’s not like you actually paid for them lady, but it’s good that you care about the iguanas so much. Oh what I wouldn’t give to live in a world in which my biggest worry was Iguana Hustlers.

#3 During Easter little Ticos look for Iguanas instead of Easter Eggs (and they are rude)


Easter Time! Iguana Time!

Wow. I honestly did not know that. I must assume, based on everything else I have read here at Scholastic, that the Ticos also paint them and collect them in colorful little Iguana Baskets. I cant wait to turn my half-tico children on to this tradition next year.

painted iguana

#2 Living in a cage for two years is preferable to a life where you might die, maybe



I don’t know about you but I think I’m learning more about this dutch lady than I am about Costa Rica at this point. What she probably neglected to mention to the Scholastic reporter is that she hobbles them with a tiny hammer before she lets them go.

you’re not good. You’re just another lying ol’ dirty birdy.

#1 Ancient Traditions are hard to break and they totally just said”Chicken of the Trees”!


chicken of the tree

Holy $%!t did they just say “Chicken of the Trees”? But aren’t real chickens chickens of the trees? Most chickens I know have no problem getting up in a tree and being a chicken.

Chicken of the tree
Real Chicken of the Trees shown here making sure no Iguanas try to move in on their turf

Any way back to their “Ancient Traditions”. Is anyone else imagining their Tico husband or wife’s great-great-grandfather in a ceremonial robe giving thanks to the Volcano Gods for the abundant harvest of Tree Chickens right now?

And here we have “The Chicken of the Train Yard” in it’s native habitat

When not munching on a bucket of extra crispy tree chickens the author enjoys any type of non-fiction not published by Scholastic




    • Well if you had actually read the article you might have picked up on the fact that we were making fun of the Scholastic site that originally published the information. Notice how there were screenshots, links and jokes?

  1. Not funny enough to be called humor or sarcasm. Leave it to The Onion instead of trying to start a false rumor. The blue Iguana may be the name of a Caribbean bar, but there’s not one to be found in a Costa Rican nature book.

  2. The original article is incredibly untrue, incorrect, and offensive, and you’re not stating clearly enough that your mocking it. Maybe the dutch people who wrote it need to get funds from benevolent First World Vegans and New-agers and therefore need to depict us as backward aboriginals. Maybe in some rural parts of the country they would eat iguanas the same way they eat possum in the southern U.S.

  3. Hey Sarcasm is great, I love dark humor… The issue is
    That some people are too stupid to notice that… And by some I mean a lot… Even more if they’re from the nothern part of the continent, which brings me to my point, it will leave Costa Rica as a canibal country, were people break the law just to eat “Iguanas”… Don’t get me wrong, I did got the point of the “article”, but some might not…

  4. Regardless you mocking someone else’s article about something as pointless as some people in the rural areas of Costa Rica, eating iguana, the intention is malicious. Please stay away from our country. Write stupidity about your own.

    • Ok so it’s ok for you to trash our article but not ok for us to trash theirs? Got it. Thanks for reading The CR Post!

    • If you read the article you will see it is making fun of the idiots at Scholastic who posted the original article. All the links are included in the article. Thanks for taking the time to read the CR POST

  5. This is like saing cuz in the states there´s areas where people hunt and bears everyone in the states do the same thing, common dude, generalizing things like this just make you look bad. Be smart, I know you can do it. I hope that you have room in your heart to forgive the Iguana that molested you when you were a kid.

    Forgiveness is blessing!

  6. It’s true that some people still eat iguana, especially in Guanacaste and other rural provinces. I’ve heard this from the locals. But of course, Ticos get butt-hurt about everything! You can’t say anything negative about CR even if it’s the truth about their little ‘paradise’, without them throwing a fit like little bitches.