Just because Gas prices all over the world continue drop doesn’t mean Costa Rica has to suffer. It’s going to take more than falling cost of petroleum to stop Costa Rica from enjoying some of the most expensive gas in the world. Thankfully the CR Government knows this so last night at midnight everyone got a little gift from ARESEP in the form a price hike.  Here at the CR Post we know that math can be hard so for that reason we have taken our time to help you with your homework for you this morning.

Without further ado here’s how much MORE you will be spending at the pump today:

Diesel went up 121 colones (23 cents per gallon)

Super went up  60 colones  (11 cents per gallon)

Regular went up  57 colones( 10 cents per gallon)



Here is a video explaining why Gas Prices continue to rise in Costa Rica



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