From Astronauts to real life Hollywood actors there is no shortage of Ticos who have carved out a name for themselves in the Annuls of History.  You asked for more list and we delivered.  Here’s our top 5 List of Ticos that got famous for the right reasons.

#5. Daniel Zovatto

Although most known for his recent work on Fear The Walking Dead, Daniel Zovatto has also has appeared on The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, as well as a  horror movie about a sexually transmittable demon and another about killer Catfish.


Born in San Jose but raised in New York, it appears that Novatto has a long career ahead of him and here at The CR Post we are seriously looking forward to his upcoming role as an unemployed drunk/car thief in an upcoming series by The USA Networks that we are confident will rely heavily on negative Latino stereotypes.


#4. Clodomiro Picado

A pioneer in the researching of snakes and serpent venoms, Clodomiro is internationally recognized for his achievement in the development of various antivenoms.  Also Clorito’s work with molds was a precursor to the formal discovery of penicillin and resulted in compounds which he used to sucessfully treat patients at least one year before the “official” discovery of penicillin by Alexander “White privilege” Fleming. Clodomiro has also written over 115 books and monographs.

His capacity for knowledge was infinite

Although his face once appeared on the two-thousand Colon note he has since been replaced by a shark and a lawyer on the newer plastic bills currently in circulation.


#3. Keylor Navas

This 29 Year old Tico is currently the star goalie Real Madrid as well as for the Costa Rica National Team when they let him. Navas made his professional debut with Deportivo Saprissa on November 6 2005, and went on to help them win seven titles including six national championships, most of which were against really bad teams.


Although already well known in Tibas and other areas where people spend their time counting down the days until the next “Classico”. It wasn’t until the 2014 World Cup  that Keylor Navas became a house hold name after being named man of the match on three separate occassions and being one of three nominees for the Golden Glove award that year but *spoiler alert* someone else won the award.

Although some have accused Navas of selling out when he became a naturalized citizen of Spain in 2014 most of the people we spoke to in Perez Zeledon said they would have done the same thing.

#2. Juan Santamaría

Being named after an officially recognized Costa Rican holiday is not the only thing this Juan is famous for, he is also famous for being number two on this list as well as being the official National Hero of Costa Rica.


Sometimes referred to as “The Nacho Gonzalez“, Juan Santamaria is credited with turning the tide of war against famous redneck filibuster William Walker  during the Second Battle of Rivas but unfortunately lost his life while setting fire to the structure that housed the enemy troops.  The Hostel, an adobe structure with a clay roof, unlike modern adobe was somehow flammable and quickly consumed by flames.  The spreading fire forced enemy troops to flee and Democracy has prevailed ever since.

french glory
Shown here in all his French glory

Since that fateful day, Juan Santamaria has served as an inspiration to everyone. Everyone that is except for University of Costa Rica (UCR) historian and resident party-pooper Jorge Montoya who claims the hero never existed. Montoya doesn’t deny the existence of Juan Santa Maria, as a matter-of-fact Montoya claims there were actually a total of five Juan Santamarias in the Battle of Rivas, one of which who died of Malaria during the war and the other four who lived long fruitful lives and eventually died of natural causes.

Whatever Dude.

Talk to the hand
You know you just read this in Arnold’s accent.

#1. Franklin Chang Díaz

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica on April 5, 1950, Franklin Chang is the son of a Chinese Father and a Costa Rican mother. Most likely referred to as “Chinito” by his classmates, Franklin graduated from La Salle Jr High in 1967 before moving to Gringolandia to finish his high school education. He later went on to acquire a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering at the University of Connecticut, a Doctor of Science in applied plasma physics and a big blue Gringo Passport in 1977.

Sayanora Carepichas

Selected as an astronaut by NASA in 1980, Franklin Chang has participated in seven shuttle missions, performed three separate space walks and served as director of the Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center from 1993 to 2005.

Franklin continues to be an inspiration for Ticos all over the world as he has proven that with lots of hard work and dedication anyone has the potential to become a Gringo.






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