There is no denying the internet has changed the way people become famous, that is especially true in C.R. Whereas people once were cast into the spotlight for their talents and abilities, these days getting famous requires nothing more than a wifi connection and a couple of hashtags. Written as a companion piece to our previous article “5 Ticos that got famous for the right reason” today the CR Post Presents: The Top 5 Ticos (Que Da Verguenza Ajena)

#5. Moyita Swager

Moyita Swager rose to fame in early 2015 with a viral video that made fun of local “Chatas” and his hundred follow up videos where he repeated his catch phrase “Pegando Porte y La Vara” while doing things like eating fried chicken and riding the bus. Although we couldn’t locate a single Gringo that really knew what it any of it meant most admitted to having unsuccessfully tried to make a “Pegando Porte”  joke or two in front of their Tico Friends during Moyita’s heyday.

“sin chema y la vara”

Last we heard Moyita was trying to use his new-found internet fame to purchase a home for his parents but sadly he seems to have disappeared from internet all together so we may never know if he reached his goal. Here is the video that started it all.

#4. La Tocola

The brainchild of university student Raquel Rivers and a few of her fellow film school classmates, La Tocola follows the escapades of a stoner chick doing things that stoner chicks do like rolling joints, making pipes and finding that bag of weed they lost.

As if having the audacity to smoke marijuana and make Youtube videos in her free time wasn’t enough to piss off the double-moralist of Costa Rica, lots of people with nothing better to do got really upset when she was invited to be interviewed for a couple morning news shows. After the interviews many conservative Ticos accused of being a plant by the PLN Party and not bathing very often.

Stoners lover her and Catholics hate her (osea) but whatever your opinion is of her there is no denying that she has raised Stoner Awareness in Costa Rica and has helped start a dialogue between her weed smoking followers and their tragically unhip parents.

#3. Stupid Turtle Selfie Chick


Very little is actually known about stupid turtle selfie chick except that she is very stupid and likes to have her picture taken with turtles. Stupid Turtle Selfie Chick made waves on the internet last year when she marched out into the ocean to get her picture taken with absolutely no regard for the sea turtles that were making their way up the beach to lay their eggs.  Although no harm was reportedly caused to any of the turtles or their eggs we still hate her guts anyways and hopefully you do too.

#2. Yuca Man

Probably the most undeserving person on the list “Yuca Man”, or “The Cassava Cowboy” as he is sometimes referred to as, is famous for two things: 1) lack of foresight and 2) the misfortune of having a social media savvy surgeon.


Yuca Man became an internet sensation after carefully crafting a flawless facsimile of the world’s largest phallus, wrapping it in rubbers and introducing it into his large intestine. Unfortunately the cheap condoms he chose couldn’t contain the massive cassava and the troublesome tuber became trapped in his pooper.  His troubles with tubers might have ended there had it not been  the inconsiderate actions of an unprofessional surgeon who decided to film and upload footage of the operation onto the internet where it quickly went viral both in Costa Rica and Internationally.

Although both of their identities continue to remain anonymous, Yuca Man and his dick head doctor come in at a dead heat for second place on our top 5 list of Tico’s that got famous for the wrong reasons.

#1. Luis Umaña Delgado


Luis got famous last December when, according to my superior google skills, a video surfaced which seemingly shows him trying to get some “intimate footage” of an oblivious young lady in a somewhat short dress walking down Avenida Central in San Jose . The Creeper might have gotten away with it too if it was for the meddling of Gerardo Cruz, a passerby who filmed the whole episode and posted it on the internet after the victim refused to call the police on her stalker.

Unfortunately the story took a tragic turn when only a couple weeks later Gerardo was stabbed in a fake robbery staged by a scorned ex-lover and eventually succumbed to his injuries. While some conspiracy theorist are still convinced that the viejo verde in the video had a hand in Gerardo’s premature death but local investigators have found no evidence linking the typical male to the crime. The perverts mother later attempted to convince authorities to punish the family of murder victim Gerardo Cruz for ever thinking her darling boy had a hand in the murder to begin with.



When not dodging bullets from confused readers that don’t appreciate sarcasm this author enjoys taking selfies with dolphins and looking for discarded bags of weed in dumpsters.



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