After five years of providing wholesome family entertainment to the masses it was announced yesterday that Costa Rica’s favorite family oriented television show “Combate” will no longer be airing after the current season wraps up in July.

Get in here kids, you got to see this

Combate, exploded onto the scene in 2011 and by the following year it was impossible for the stars to avoid being recognized in public. Although some have criticized Combate for objectifying women others didn’t mind so much.


Considered by many to be a hallmark of Costa Rican broadcasting, Combate apparently was no longer getting the ratings necessary to continue, and will air it’s final episode on July 17th.

“Will Daddy fall in love again?” Now we may never know.


When not petitioning Repretel to bring back A Toda Dar the author enjoys embracing foreign cultures and eating Frito Pie.







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