If you were following the news yesterday then you were probably one of the many who rejoiced as the government, according to the media, announced the suspension of the current inmate release program.


Needless to say, aside from the inmates, the entire nation was pretty happy about the announcement.

A nation rejoiced
A Nation rejoiced

In what can only have been called a common sense move, it was announced that due to a high rate of repeat violent offenses by participants in the program, there would be a temporary halt while the program was revised and restructured.

Dream on sucker. That is according to Ministry of Internal Affairs Ana Gabriel Zúñiga, when she announced this morning that that the president was just as surprised as everyone else by yesterday’s announcement and that he had said no such thing. She also stated that the President is committed to the human rights of inmates (non-inmates not so much) and is in full support of the Ministry of Justice’s current program.

Por que Luis? Por Queeeeeeeeee?






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