Readers of The CR Post will already be familiar with John “Neck Tattoo” Saatio, the slippery sex offender from Michigan that escaped US authorities in Wisconsin last year and somehow made his way to Costa Rica with nothing more than a backpack, a dream and a bunch of really bad tattoos.


Saatio made the Costa Rica news recently after trying to escape police custody by bending the bars of his holding cell after being arrested last week in Jaco. Despite the sincere efforts of the local police Saatio is back on the streets once again after successfully escaping by, you guessed it, bending the bars of his holding cell late Sunday night.

The Fuerza Publica immediately set up roadblocks and combed the neighborhood but unfortunately were unable to locate the pasty skinned escaped prisoner from Wisconsin. The CR Post recommends that our readers call 911 if they see anyone with a neck tattoo.

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