Anyone who has ever thought about traveling or moving to Costa Rica is probably aware that are tons of useful resources on the subject available online. Well there are also a ton of Facebook pages on the subject and not all of them are created equal. At the risk of getting blackballed by the industry The CR Post presents The 5 Most Ridiculous Facebook Pages by Gringos.

#5. Gringo Expats in Costa Rica

Gringo Expats in Costa Rica is the best place on Facebook to get advice on Costa Rica from two year veterans and and due diligence trip survivors. The Pura Vida is strong with this crowd. This is especially true among the property managers and real estate agents in the group who were smart enough to set up shop in the best part of Costa Rica and just so happen have the perfect place for you.

Discouraging comments are not tolerated in Gringo Expats so this is a great group to announce your intentions of taking your non vaccinated gluten free home schooled babies to live among like minded individuals. In Gringo Expats in Costa Rica you don’t have to worry about your post getting cluttered with useless comments like “that’s illegal”, “you should do more research” or “that guy is a scammer”. Instead you can focus on the easiest way to uproot your family and move to Costa Rica when Donald Trump gets elected. Your TEFL Certification and Yogi experience is all will you need. Pura Vida!

#4. Retire for Less in Costa Rica

Retire for Less in Costa Rica follows the story of Paul Yeatman. A humble Gringo determined to make enough money off the advertisements on his website that he can one day quit living off so little money.

Since 2008 Paul Yeatman has been inspiring retired people to sell all their stuff and begin milking the Costa Rican Social Security system like an illegal Mexican from Guatemala. If you take Paul out for lunch he will gladly tell you everything you need to know to live for less in Costa Rica. What Paul doesn’t tell you is that if it wasn’t for the lunch you bought him he probably wouldn’t have eaten that day.

Should be called: How to live less than a homeless person in Detroit

#3. Retire for Less than Paul Yeatman

Most likely the creation of a former Paul Yeatman follower gone rogue, Retire for Less than Paul Yeatman is a rarely clever spoof of the “Retire for Less in Costa Rica” page sarcastically titled “Retire for Free in Costa Rica”. The jokes are not subtle, and the language is a bit coarse, but we can’t help but feel that Retire for Less than Paul Yeatman is the much needed Ying to Paul Yeatman’s Yang.

less than paul
Well that escalated quickly

#2 Team Gringo: The Expat’s Guide to Costa Rica

Do you enjoy Yoga, Spirituality and gluten free products? Did you suddenly decide you want to move to tropical Costa Rica? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions we recommend steering clear of Team Gringo at all cost.

Although based on the title one would think that The Expat’s Guide to Costa Rica would be a great group to ask newbie questions trust us it isn’t. Unsuspecting newbies and hopeful TEFL instructors are nothing more than cannon fodder for Team Gringo.

On the other hand if you are a jerk you will probably fit right in
On the other hand if you are a jerk you will probably fit right in

#1. Costa Rica Chica

Costa Rica Chica is about a girl, who in her early 40’s, gave up her job in Dallas, sold everything, and moved to Costa Rica and started using tons of exclamation marks! Although she has only been in CR for two years Costa Rica Chica has tons of tips on living in Costa Rica, none of which involve learning Spanish because apparently it’s “just not her thing”.

If you are a fan of her page you may even consider buying her book for the low price of $39.86. That may seem like a lot to spend on a paperback book but it’s money well spent according to all the 5 Star reviews her Facebook friends gave her on Amazon.

Only forty bucks? What a steal!




  1. Lol….great read! Highly entertaining. Tasteful humor. Keep it up, can’t wait to see what comes up next on this website.