Pulperia stocks plummeted today after La Prensa Libre published an article discussing the hefty fine of 52,000 colones for anyone caught parking illegally on a sidewalk. The law in question falls under Article 146 of the Ley de Transito which prohibits the parking of vehicles on shoulders, sidewalks or any other way that would impede the flow of traffic. Something that many Gringos refer to as “Parking like a Tico”.

Photo Courtesy of CampaƱa Nacional 7600
If you do want to take a stab at the Chino stock market now would probably be a good time. Since the law was actually passed back when Snow’s “Informer” was still on the Billboard charts The CR Post predicts this law will continue to be as successfully enforced as the law that protects disabled parking spaces in Costa Rica. We haven’t read the fine print on the law yet but we assume that Public Employees and Movistar van drivers will be immune to these fines should the Transit Police choose to start enforcing them.
Currently accused of bribing police with 500 MB X 4 Dias
If you have any evidence of someone disrespecting Article 146 The CR Post recommends that you shame them on Facebook or contact your local Transit Police Department. If you own a Pulperia on a narrow street we suggest you consider looking for some new trabajo.