A would be thief got served a heavy dose of Karma yesterday when he was discovered helping himself to the the belongings of a 60 year old citizen of Alajuelita. The burglar, a well known degenerate in an otherwise peaceful town, had entered through the second story balcony while his friend waited outside.

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He was in the act of stealing the tools from the owner’s garage when he was discovered by the senior citizen, who scared beyond his senses began to shout at the thief demanding him to leave. The crack fueled Chapulin then responded by picking up a wrench and threatening to kill the home owner with it.


Fortunately for the old man his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trained son Mike had also been awakened by the noise outside. He had heard the threats made by the burglar and was already preparing his intro music.

Jiu Jitsu, the ancient art of kicking ass and taking names has been growing in popularity over the last decade in Costa Rica. Mike, like many other enthusiast who have been waiting for a chance like this, took the opportunity to beat the living crap out of the would be thief.


Once the Fuerza Publica arrived the home owner and his son were warned that they could potentially be charged given the extent of the injuries inflicted upon the burglar but Alajuelita’s Chief of Police later assured them that they were well within their rights in this obvious case of self defense.

On a side note if any of our readers would like to visit the poor bastard who picked the wrong house to rob, he is currently being treated for his injuries at the Clínica Solón Núñez in San Jose and could probably use a few words of encouragement.