Let’s face it, lot of Gringos think they are best thing to ever to happen to Costa Rica, and unlike other “immigrants,” bring only positive things to the table.  Ideas such as sustainable agriculture, music festivals and Chakra cleansings are great and all, but anyone with a clue will tell you when America sends its people, they’re not exactly sending their best. So, to shut up the loud mouthed Gringo Expats, The CR Post has compiled a list of the Top 5 Scumbag Gringos Ever to be Arrested in Costa Rica.

# 5 Cuba Dave Strecker


Probably the least deserving of jail time on the list, but a scumbag none-the-less, Cuba Dave Strecker made the news last year when he was arrested for violating a seldom enforced law that prohibits promoting Costa Rica as a sex tourism destination via his website CubaDave.com. The website, to which Cuba Dave claims to have had no knowledge of prior to his arrest, purportedly contained thousands of photos he had taken of prostitutes over the years.


Although most of the content on CubaDave.com has since been deleted and replaced with pictures of Dave actually wearing his clothes for once, you can still view most of Dave’s photo collection on his MySpace Page. Yep, Cuba Dave uses MySpace.

CubaDave.com? Never heard of it.

A trial date has yet to be set for Strecker but if convicted Cuba Dave could face eight years in jail. In the meantime, due to being a flight risk, Dave continues to rot in preventative prison where he reportedly sleeps with his head next to a urinal.

Cuba Dave 2018 Update: Cuba Dave has been released from prison after the prosecution team was unable to actually find anything to charge him with. Learn how knee jerk decisions and an incompetent justice system ruined Cuba Dave’s life in his new book The Persecution of Cuba Dave.

The Persecution of Cuba Dave is now available for purchase or download from Amazon. Also don’t forget to read our Cuba Dave Interview and hear about life in Costa Rica Prison in Cuba Dave’s own words: Cuba Dave 2018.

#4 Richard Allen Pettibone

From February 2003 to February 2006 Richard Pettibone operated Benten Investors out of his home in Alexandria, NY. Using phony statements to avoid too many questions, Richard was secretly using his investor’s funds for his own personal pursuits. Along with his then girlfriend Debbie Clark, Pettibone used the investors’ money to purchase two homes and a $400,000 yacht.

We're told his yacht looks nothing like this one
We’re told his yacht looks nothing like this one

After selling the homes the couple fled to Costa Rica aboard their yacht, but not before wiring $500,000 of the investors’ money to a bank there. After being tipped off by disgruntled investors, the FBI began to investigate the case and eventually tracked Pettibone and his girlfriend down to a small seaside village in the Osa Peninsula where they were operating a motel purchased with the money they had stolen from investors.

From Riches to Rags

Pettibone who ended up spending 11 months in preventive prison in Costa Rica before being extradited to the states was eventually sentenced to three years for mail fraud. Clark, who was never implicated in the crimes that her boyfriend committed, was instead sentenced to live out her days in a dilapidated hotel by the sea.

#3 John Wesley Saatio

Long time readers of The CR Post will already be familiar with John “Neck Tattoo” Saatio, the hard to catch sex offender from Michigan that escaped US authorities in Wisconsin last year. Convicted of Burglary and sex with a child, Saatio somehow made his way to Costa Rica before being caught by the Fuerza Publica, escaping again, then finally being caught and deported for good. We hope.


Since The CR Post has already written about Saatio on numerous occasions we aren’t going to dedicate a lot of time to him this round but the articles we published are available HERE, HERE and HERE. Enjoy!



#2 William “Wild Bill” Holbert

Arrested on the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border on July 26, 2010, White Supremacist and admitted Serial Killer William “Wild Bill” Holbert may be the most movie worthy scumbag on this list. Although Nicaraguan authorities get the credit for this bust, he was arrested on the Costa Rica border and therefore technically still qualifies for a spot on our list.

Los acusados de asesinatos en serie en Panam‡ y otros paises los estadosunidenses William Adolfo Cortez (Wild Billl)y Jeana Seana Cortez fueron extraditados a Panam‡ custodiados por fuerzas especiales.Managua 29 de julio del 2010 Foto LA PRERNSA/Manuel Esquivel

Once a landscaper and loving father of three, Bill did what most guys would do after a failed marriage and started injecting steroids and opened a White Supremacy store. But sadly selling Swastikas wasn’t enough for Bill and soon the burly body builder set his sights on a new venture.

After building a bankroll by forging documents and selling properties that weren’t theirs, Bill and his bimbo wife headed down to Panama to live out their dreams of murdering people for their stuff. Known to neighbors as Wild Bill, William befriended his victims before shooting them in the head, burying their bodies and taking over their homes and businesses. At least nine people would meet the business end of Bill’s boomstick before all was said and done.


Apparently quite the charmer, even after hearing about his crimes one of Bill’s previous bosses only had good things to say about him. “If only he could have focused himself, he had a brilliant mind”. Kind words indeed considering Holbert had stolen $25,000 off the guy and had just admitted to shooting a bunch of people in the head. Fortunately for the rest of us Wild Bill is currently locked up in Panama where he currently heads a syndicated Christian Inmate Organization that totally has nothing to do with White Power.

#1 Walter Edward Myer

Indicted on 114 counts of sexual abuse of a minor, five counts of sodomy of a minor, and one count of production of child pornography it’s pretty fair to say that Walter Myer is one sick puppy. A former Teacher at an all male military boarding school in Alabama, Captain Myers used his position to prey on some of the boys who were entrusted to his care. After three students came forward in 1996, Myer was indicted on 114 counts of sex crimes against children. Walter, who was 68 at the time of his capture, fled to Costa Rica after his indictment.

How you doin?

Myers was located in 2005 when an Oprah viewer recognized him as a fellow English Instructor from the University of Costa Rica(UCR). The viewer, a seemingly normal guy named Joshua, was presented with a check for $100,000. Sadly though, long after the money is all spent Joshua will still be known as the guy that records The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Something tells me Oprah may be looking for Joshua one day.

Although Walter is said to have found God before passing away in the Alabama State Penitentiary The CR Post likes to think that Captain Myers is currently getting banged in the butt on a brimstone bed by old Beelzebub himself. If any of our readers would like to piss on the grave of this deceased kiddy fiddler his plot can be found at the Hillview Memorial Park in Tallapoosa County Alabama.

Pee here




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