As of August 30, 2016, Walmart Costa Rica will be cancelling the customer recycling program offered at six of it’s local outlets. The program, which was offered in Escazú, San Sebastian, Guadalupe, Heredia, Cartago and Curridabat, consisted of dedicated drop off areas where customers could bring their recyclable materials for collection.


Not any more baby. That is according to Ana Corrales, coordinator of the sustainability management company that managed Walmart’s recycling program. The main reason for the closure, she said, is due to the large amount of non recyclable materials dumped into recycling bins which she blamed on “Costa Ricans lack of education (in regard to recycling)”.


Corrales went on to say that the collection bins were often overflowing with appliances and organic material and that much of the materials that were recyclable, like tetra brick and tuna cans, were often unwashed which resulted offensive odors and liquid residues which left the Walmart parking lot smelling a lot like the Rio Virilla.

At least the Virilla has the courtesy wash it’s bottles before dropping them off

Corrales said that although the company will continue it’s internal recycling program customers will be on their own starting in September. If you are one of the tens of people looking for a recycling program in your area, chances are you wont find one, but it wouldn’t kill you to look for one HERE.