Two time President, Nobel Peace Prize winner and the brilliant mind behind the ultra-modern Caldera Highway recently declared Costa Rica to be a nation of Imbeciles as he went “Full Tico” on the subject of ICE. ICE, a convenient acronym for Gringos that would never be able to say Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, is a state run monopoly famous for offering terrible service while charging ridiculous rates and for burning the crap out of some fossil fuels despite what some viral videos might suggest.

In his speech Arias urged government officials to pass legislation that would open the market and put an end to the monopoly that ICE has held for far too long. By allowing foreign companies to produce electricity from renewable resources, not only would Costa Rica’s Carbon Footprint be reduced significantly, but citizens would also enjoy much lower monthly rates. Don Oscar ended the roast by saying that in the field of energy production Costa Rica were a bunch of cavemen, and that we are idiots for accepting the current situation rather than allowing more efficient companies to enter the market.




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