Proving once again that Colombians really know how to party, a shapely Colombian woman caused quite the stir in barrio Mexico yesterday as she strutted her stuff through oncoming traffic. Shown below going spread-eagle on the hood of some poor Nicaraguan’s pirate cab, it is suspected that the busty Arepa Lover was under the effects of some type of W.E.E.D like K2.

She exited the taxi once she realized the driver wasn’t utilizing a maria

After getting bored of doing regular naked stuff, things took a turn for the violent as thedrug-crazed mami took out her frustrations on a defenseless diesel. You can watch the entire video HERE.

naked2The woman was eventually clothed, detained and taken to a police station in Barrio Mexico by the Fuerza Publica where she continued to act like every Latina ex-girlfriend you ever had.