A controversial photo making it’s rounds on the internet today, allegedly taken by a shocked bystander on a turtle touching tour, shows what appears to be a very hungry American Tourist eating a live sea turtle.

Although TheCRPost has been unable to ascertain the photo’s authenticity, from the look on his face, things don’t appear to be going well for the turtle.

As we wait for more facts to emerge, The Costa Rica would like to hear your opinion. Do you think hungry tourist are responsible for the steep decline of the sea turtle population? Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.





  1. I agree that education is needed and this fiasco could open the door for that discussion. Motivated people tend to want to learn and seek out the truth, like you did Heather, about shrimping and the sea turtle issue. Others just blindly go along with whatever they want to do with minimal thought of the consequences of their actions. THAT is where it rubs some of us the wrong way. This person, who appears to have a large social media following should have been at the forefront to correcting this issue with this tour company and helping to educate her masses of followers. So, in reality she failed in two ways with this fun in the sun day. She still has the opportunity to turn this around, accept and apologize for her and her friends` error that day and work to change the mindset of unenlightened people. I for one will scrutinize organizations that claim to have animals and nature`s interest at heart. Not all are what they seem. The Monkey Farm is another good example of this hypocrisy.

  2. Seems to me this is an obvious case of promoting Costa Rica as a sexual tourist destination. The person in the photo should be tossed in a cell with Cuba Dave. And then make a reality tv show of their interactions.