Although traveling to Costa Rica may not be quite like visiting another planet, it is a unique country with it’s own very unique set of challenges that one must face on a daily basis. Even though there are a quite a few things that even a Unilingual Gringo can figure out, for most things its usually better to ask a Tico first. In an effort to take the guesswork out of question asking The Costa Rica Post has compiled a list of the top 15 things that Only a Tico can Teach you.

15. How to make the Best Cup of Coffee

14. Where to go for the Best Gallo Pinto

13. How to get the best Parking Space Every Time

12. Where to go for a Good Time in San Jose

11. How unpredictable Trains can be

10. How to get your priorities straight

9. How to impress God

8. The Significance of the Yuca


7. The exact number of people it takes to screw in a post

6. The High Cost of Unregulated Immigration

5. The Not so high Cost of Farting in Public

4. The quickest way to the Nazi Temple in Cartago

3. As well as Who to avoid if you are Jewish

2. How to Ruin a Taco

1. The Quickest way to release more people like this:

…to make room for more people like this