Good news for clowns bad news for rapist today as, despite what our headline suggest, no clowns were actually raped but a serial rapist was finally caught (for the fourth time) thanks to the efforts of the Fuerza Publica. The 46 Year old serial rapist, who also likes to dress up as a clown and scare little kids when he isn’t out serial raping, had been on the run after failing to report to his probation officer back in 2013. The man, who had previously been released on his own recognizance after spending a paltry 3 months in preventative detention for his third rape, was finally picked up in the Paul Yeatman approved hamlet of San Ramon this past Wednesday.
“But doctor…I am Pagliacci.”
The CR Post doesn’t want to alarm our readers but, given the accused man’s penchant for getting off easy, surely it wont be long before this Bozo is back on the streets clowning around again. Web Master Cuba Dave was not immediately available for comment.