A video uploaded by a woman to Facebook today seems to show a yet-to-be-identified creep putting his dirty meat hooks on her uninvited as she traveled aboard a bus from Guanacaste to San Jose. The video, which can be seen below, was removed by the uploader but not before amassing nearly six thousand shares in the span of a few hours.


Here is what the person who posted the video had to say about the situation:

 “Normally I’m not the kind to make these types publications but I feel very annoyed. This morning as I traveled from Guanacaste to San Jose in a bus owned by the Alfaro Bus Line the passenger behind me tried to touch me on various occasions, which is why I decided to record him in the act, so I could show the person in charge of the bus. The only advice I was given was that I could change seats, I simply would not be able to sleep tranquilly for the six hour journey. I find it incredible that we have to get accustom ourselves to this type of harrassment, it’s so common that nobody does nothing. I plead with you that if anyone recognizes this person that they help me file a complaint. Thank you.”
 The Costa Rica Post ask that if any of our readers recognize this filthy boob grabbing maggot to contact the local police or send us a message so we can contact the proper authorities.