A Scumbag Gringa from East Wenatchee, Washington has made a name for herself in Costa Rica after allegedly running out on her tab at a local tattoo parlor in San Pedro de Montes de Oca after receiving some costly tattoo work.

Here’s what the Tattoo shop she ripped off had to say about the ordeal:

“Hello people of friends of our networks,

We like to announce that this afternoon this person came in for a tattoo with a value of $400 and walked out of our out of our shop in Los Yoses without paying for the workonce it was completed! The purpose of this post is so that if you see this person you don’t take any chances or trust her since it’s more than obvious what her habits are, her lack of respect and values. If they you see her please communicate to any of our shops. Also I invite you to share this post so that this person pass shame and gets his comeuppance. Any aid and cooperation will be very grateful.”

Recently on the receiving end of a series of negative Facebook post, Jessica Zander aka Jessica Magnussen aka The Patchouli Bandit, has also been accused of shoplifting in the Puerto Viejo area according to local sources on Social Media.

Scumbag Gringa in all her glory

The alleged tattoo and clothing thief, who seems to love animals but hate hair conditioner, is rumored to still be in the San Jose area but could already be on her way back to Gringolandia according to her publicly shared GoFundMe page.

If you see this person The Costa Rica Post recommends that you avoid making contact as you know how insufferable white girls with dreadlocks can be.

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Updated 4/18/17

Shortly after the publication of this story new facts in the story emerged including images of the “stolen tattoo”, as well as some screenshots that were taken of a few other notable exchanges between Stattoos and the accused, some of which we have posted below so that you may draw your own conclusions.

This update would have come sooner had we not been busy fighting with some of the idiots she hangs out. Like this guy for example:

But that’s a whole ‘nother story

TheCRPost Presents: Scumbag Gringa, The Prequel

The story began as stories often do, with our young protagonist saving the life of a poor injured dog by maxing out all her credit cards and then heading straight to Facebook to guilt her friends and family into reimbursing her.


Broke except for her “Forbidden Savings” it seems. The tattoo pictured below aka the only tattoo that she actually paid for, was later to be revealed to have a price of $400. Too bad that money was forbidden because an animal shelter could have done quite a bit with $400 of unforbidden money had it not been reserved exclusively for tattoos.

Admission. Well, Sort of.

Just like the first session, Thursday’s session would have also cost $400 had she actually paid for it. In case you were curious how this slippery hippy was able to justify the alleged ink heist in the eyes of her friends and family, Stattoos once again comes through with a damning screenshot. Turns out the victim somehow ended up with a tattoo on her leg instead of the photo-realistic image she requested, which is why she “only paid $100” to the artist.


Well maybe she didn’t “pay $100” in the traditional sense. According to Stattoos the only cash received for the work was the upfront security deposit she had given them the day before. When it came time for her to pay the remaining balance, our humble protagonist pulled the old “missing purse” bit and made a run for the door while no one was looking.

At the time of this update the public seems to split on whether or not she is guilty. While the majority of the people in Costa Rica pretty are sure that she did do it, her friends from Washington are convinced that she didn’t. Regardless of your opinion, Mrs. Zander should be considered innocent until proven guilty, we just wouldn’t recommend loaning her any money. TheCRPost will keep you informed as more facts emerge.



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