Getting through the Costa Rica news cycle can be harder than surviving an ambulance ride across the Platina Bridge during rush hour. Since the journey is twice as likely to kill you as the botched robbery related bullet hole in your gut that got you there, The Costa Rica Post is here to help get you through the gridlock before you bleed out in your gurney

#5. It’s the one that says bad mother****** on it

A video that has recently gone viral seems to show a Tico bus driver going Chuck Norris on a group of jobless Chatas in Limon. The driver, who was doing an amazing holding his own against the reggaeton riddled rejects, was finally able to use his finishing move on the shirtless dipstick that started the whole ordeal before walking back to his bus like a boss.

#4. According To The Victims Mother

It wasn’t clear but they were looking for, but after spending an undetermined amount of time searching an uncharged man’s home, a police special unit allegedly got the hell out of Dodge when they remembered they weren’t all wearing ski mask.

costa rica news headlines
Source: Teletica

#3. These Guys Allegedly Didn’t Have a Warrant Either

A pair of Police officers will be looking for jobs soon after they accidentally smashed through the front gate of a house due to being smashed themselves. Thankfully no one was injured in this little mishap.


#2. Move over Keylor Navas

A minor league player for the LDA just became famous after getting busted transporting dope in the sleepy little town of San Ramon, Alajuela. San Ramon, which was recently the scene of a rapey clown arrest, is also the home of countless poverty stricken Gringos.

costa rica news headlines

#1. Costa Rica Government Gets Gung-ho On H20

According to this poorly translated Facebook Post, the municipality of Carillo recently “carried out a series of demolitions for lack of (pool) building permits, these processes will continue in the next few weeks in the entire district of Carrillo”. Something tells us those Homeowner’s Fees are going to be a little harder to collect than normal next month.