Scumbag Vegan Refuses To Give Kids Medicine

A depressing photo and a cry for help from a single mother recently posted to Facebook is making waves in Puerto Viejo today. The photo, which seems shows a child with a terrible skin infection and a strange black rectangle over his eyes, also seems to show a house badly in need of a paint job most likely containing a crazy mother inside.

“Do you know anyone that offers Ozone Therapy around here?” she ask. “My kids have a very serious staph infection all over their bodies”. “We need Ozone Therapy, can you help?”.

Serious eh? Have you considered, I don’t know, taking him to a doctor?

What is Ozone Therapy You Ask?

In case you are one of those people smart enough to not know what Ozone Therapy is, Wikipedia defines it as “a form of alternative medicine treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone.”

Despite the fact that there is no credible, peer reviewed evidence to support the use of ozone as a type of medical therapy, there are still people out there dumb enough to believe it can be used in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis among other ailments that normal people would go to a doctor for. The same way that “normal” people would go to a dentist for a cavity for example.

Wait for it…..

You and the entire state of Arkansas lady

Fortunately for our protagonist, even though it was obvious to the community she was batshit crazy, many people still took the time to offer her advice that would most likely fall on deaf/gluten-free ears.

Most of The Advice Was Pretty Helpful


Some Of It Was Not

Some Were Borderline Illiterate (But 100% Correct)

Translation: Its better if you take them to the Hospital De Los Niños in San Jose! I hate to be rude but I have seen these kids running around everywhere naked. This isn’t a movie world nor a tropical paradise. There are lots of bacteria, disease, insects and dangerous animals. This was just a case of neglect”

Even Allan Offered a Reasonable Solution

Even Allen Eisenhart, who would gladly take a bullet for any Scumbag Gringa on Facebook, came through with a surprisingly decent two part solution to her problem. Although the first part was right up the OP’s ally, the second part apparently would be cost prohibitive for our leading lady.

And gas prices keep going up

Times Are Hard, We Get It

Money problems is definitely something The Costa Rica post can relate to. Between gas money and toll booths we barely have money left over for Guaro and Diapers these days. If only there was some expense that could be cut out of her life to free up money for gas to possibly save her child’s life. If Only.

The Costa Rica Post will provide more details as they become available. Officials at PANI were not immediately available for comment.