Cuba Dave Needs Your Help

According to a post published yesterday on, by an unknown entity allegedly  himself, Cuba Dave needs your help. Cuba Dave, who got the nickname “Cuba Dave” because of his name (Dave) and his affinity for Cuban prostitutes, was arrested by Costa Rican authorities for promoting Costa Rica as a destination for sex tourism via his website

Although Cuba Dave claims he had no knowledge of prior to his arrest, since his arrest the “Cuba Dave” website has served as Cuba Dave’s only form of communicating with his loyal fan base which we assume consist of Cuba Dave himself and the two people pictured below. Neither of which are Cuba Dave.

Cuba Dave Followers
Not Shown: Cuba Dave

Cuba Dave’s Cry For Help

According to the cry for help posted on totally not Cuba Dave’s personal website, thanks to some legal blunders by the Costa Rican Court System, Cuba Dave may be getting out but only if he can find a roommate.

Sincerely, Not Cuba Dave

Free Cuba Dave

The post goes on to explain how much cooler it would be for Cuba Dave if Cuba Dave no longer had to sleep with his head next to a urinal and could instead focus on his personal affairs and legal battle from the comfort of your home.

In order to help expedite Cuba Dave’s search for shelter, The Costa Rica Post recently posted a Craig’s List Ad on Cuba Dave’s behalf that we think might help., if you are reading this, please feel free to share this on your website.

Cuba Dave’s Lawyer

The post ends with a little a final plea from Cuba Dave’s Lawyer posted on Cuba Dave’s Website. As well as a little bit of self-promotion which we have included below:

“For the better part if a year, Dave’s attorney Luis Chacon has gone well beyond the professional call of duty to assist Dave in prison. Freeing his attorney from the prison support activities will allow him to focus on arguing the case.

Update: Where is Cuba Dave in 2018?

Cuba Dave talks about how knee jerk decisions and an incompetent justice system ruined his life in his new book The Persecution of Cuba Dave. The Persecution of Cuba Dave is now available for purchase or download from Amazon. 

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