According to the Costa Rica Associated Press (CRAP) President Luis Guillermo Solis recently disclosed details regarding a ban on “single-use plastic” during a public event to celebrate World Environment Day. The ban, according to Solis, will require 80 percent of the country’s public agencies, municipalities and businesses to replace their disposable plastic packaging with materials that have a lower environmental impact by 2021.

The year 2021, which was already slated to be a monumental year for Costa Rica due to “The Boss Baby 2” coming out, is also the year that Oscar Arias, David Avocado Wolfe and Wikipedia promised us that we would be carbon neutral by. Spoiler Alert: They lied about everything except Boss Baby 2.

According to Environment Ministry Vice Minister Fernando Mora, the strategy focuses on the consumption of single-use plastic, which takes hundreds of years to break down and represent a major threat to modern societies. This includes plastic bags from supermarkets, straws, bottles, douche nozzles and other products that may endanger marine resources.

Shown above: Douche Nozzle Endangering Marine Resources

The Initiative calls on Costa Ricans to replace single-use plastics with non-petroleum renewable materials that will biodegrade within six months while the government works on a national recycling program. A program which we sincerely hope is more effective than Walmart’s recycling program which was apparently shut down due to Ticos having no clue how recycling works.

For more information visit the campaign website, and visit Redcicla.Org for a list of recycling centers near you.