A motorcyclist is lucky to be alive today after doing something very stupid in Ciudad Colon. The video, which we re-posted from Accidentes de Costa Rica below, shows the helmet-less rider, right before his head ended up under the tires of an an oncoming vehicle.

This is not that video:

This is:

The first video, which we posted to just to give you nightmares, shows a very old and shirtless Gallagher doing his classic watermelon smashing routine, this time with a flaming sledgehammer.

The second video, which contains a graphic scene that we are surprised doesn’t play out more often, shows three motorcyclist with no regard for anyone’s safety doing what motorcyclist do all the time, this time ending in a way that Karma dictates should happen more often.

We’ve posted screenshots of the video below for those of you who don’t have enough data left on your Kolbi plan to watch Youtube videos.

The first idiot made it around the truck just fine, and through no fault of his own was able to make it home to his family unharmed.

Idiot #2 thought he had an opening so he went for it, completely oblivious to the oncoming SUV ahead and the exposed melon that was flying through the air behind him.

When he sees the oncoming vehicle, Idiot #2 applies his brakes causing the flying melon’s delivery vehicle to be halted by Newton’s First Law.

Which caused it’s precious cargo to be tossed head-on into oncoming traffic

And then this happened:

The third idiot, who has yet to be identified, is currently in delicate condition with severe injuries to his head due to a series of very poor choices. Idiot #2 apparently, is not a fan of long goodbyes.