Apparently he’s not actually dead but it appears YouTube sensation JP Sears feared he was about to be after his viral video, that we are punching ourselves in the face right now for not downloading, manage to turn half country of Costa Rica against him. Here’s us right now:

Although one would not think the tropical climate of Costa Rica would be suitable for snowflakes, the butthurt was strong with a sizeable part of the population. And as we mentioned before…

The gringo guru, who is far as we know is still alive despite his transgressions, eventually gave in to the barrage of tear soaked comments and erased all evidence of his insensitivity from the internet altogether.

Ticos rejoiced while the rest of the world were left shaking their heads.

We’ve posted a series of screenshots to prove the video in fact no longer exist. But first here is his live apology on Facebook which is happening right now.

UPDATE: Although JP Sears took down the offending video days ago, some heartless YouTuber put it back up again. Enjoy:


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