Believe it or not JP sears was not the first carrot-topped celebrity to take a cheap shot at Costa Rica. TV show host Conan O’brien did it before YouTube even existed in a bit titled ” Conan hates my homeland”.

The ongoing gag revolved around the giant ginger  systematically insulting every country in the world in alphabetical order in the hopes of receiving hate mail.  The gargantuan goober claimed the inspiration for the skit came after receiving hate mail from a developing Nation he never heard of before.

When it came time to insult the happiest country on Earth, Mr. O’Brien got extremely personal with a low blow about Costa Rica being an attractive option for drug users.

“Costa Rica thanks for giving us place to dump our potheads”

what are you smiling about Conan? You’re lucky you aren’t sharing a cell with Cuba Dave right now you freak

To the best of our knowledge the late-night comedian continues to draw breaths and a quick search for outstanding warrants under mr. O’Brien’s name turned up no results. Cuba Dave, once again, was not available for comment.