Today the Costa Rica government presented Diputados a new fiscal reform project with the expectation of reducing the gap between expenditure and income  from 5% down to 2% of the gross domestic product (GDP) before we become the next Greece. Rather than try to control their own spending or waste time collecting the  millions of dollars in back taxes owed by the rich, the government has instead opted to create a new set of taxes, aimed at the poor, starting with a proposed 15% tax on streaming services such as Netflix.

Other goods and services such as gym memberships and lawyers fees will also be subject to the new 15% tax while private education and medical care will also be further taxed, but at a lower rate than the aforementioned services.

This is a breaking story so stay tuned to The Costa Rica Post for more information as it becomes available.




  1. There are plenty of rich people (Ticos) in Costa Rica who don’t pay income tax or pay the sales tax for their businesses. The next time you do business with someone who will not accept a bank transfer or a credit card, you can be sure this person is behind the Netflix tax and other regressive measures that impact the poorest Costa Ricans. The CR government needs to get aggressive with these parasites.

  2. I don’t understand these Ticos. How fucking passive and zombified can you be? There is no army in this country and you’re going to let these corrupt, evil politicians tax you into joining the already 25% living below the poverty line? Take to the streets and confront these rich bloated devil-worshipping pus bags! You have a beautiful country and you’re letting these central bankers rip you off! In Gringoland, we can’t do shit because the police there are brutal and have been completely brainwashed by the corporate state and have now moved on from shooting people to shooting little doggies that bark and wag their tales at them. Learn from our mistakes! Get rid of these one-worlders while you still have a chance. : )