The Ministerio Publico de Panama have recently announced guilty verdicts in the case of serial killers William “Wild Bill” Holbert and his big-boned bride Laura Michelle Reese.

Wild Bill, who was unable to vote for Donald Trump in the November elections due to a series of unfortunate life choices, will have to serve 47 years in a moldy Panamanian prison cell while his pudgy partner in crime will only have to serve 26.

Holbert became a household name last year after coming in at #2 on The Costa Rica Post’s list of Scumbag Gringos arrested in Costa Rica. We have posted an excerpt from that article below.

Arrested on the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border on July 26, 2010, White Supremacist and admitted Serial Killer William “Wild Bill” Holbert may be the most movie worthy scumbag on this list. Although Nicaraguan authorities get the credit for this bust, he was arrested on the Costa Rica border and therefore technically still qualifies for a spot on our list.

Once a landscaper and loving father of three, Bill did what most guys would do after a failed marriage and started injecting steroids and opened a White Supremacy store. But sadly selling Swastikas wasn’t enough for Bill and soon the burly body builder set his sights on a new venture.

After building a bankroll by forging documents and selling properties that weren’t theirs, Bill and his rapidly expanding wife headed down to Panama to live out their dreams of murdering people for their stuff. Known to neighbors as Wild Bill, William befriended his victims before shooting them in the head, burying their bodies and taking over their homes and businesses. At least nine people would meet the business end of Bill’s boomstick before all was said and done.


Apparently quite the charmer, even after hearing about his crimes one of Bill’s previous bosses only had good things to say about him. “If only he could have focused himself, he had a brilliant mind”. Kind words indeed considering Holbert had stolen $25,000 off the guy and had just admitted to shooting a bunch of people in the head.

Fortunately for the rest of us Wild Bill Holbert is currently locked up in Panama where he heads a syndicated Christian Inmate Organization while looking exactly like Jason Segel.

In his free time Holbert enjoys writing on his blog where he vies for Panamanian street cred by lying about being a hitman and Underboss for an International Drug Cartel and Human Trafficking Ring.