A crestfallen Canadian from British Columbia took to social media yesterday to unleash his wrath upon a Tica whom he claims did him wrong. The incredibly cheap Canuck, who cannot be seen in the image below due to his uncanny ability to blend in with his surroundings, claims the young woman crossed the line when she didn’t pay her fair share.

In the post, which the former “Rock Star” plastered across every Costa Rica based Facebook page he could find yesterday, the heartbroken hoser lashed out at the Hispanic single-mother for not reimbursing him for her portion of the airfare after a month of implied sex at the drummer’s posh tri-level cabin in British Columbia.

Good point Tony. What could possibly go wrong?

Image stolen without permission from Q Costa Rica

Despite his promise to “keep it short” the chintzy Canadian continued with his tear-filled tirade….

Not only did Tony get cheated out of his money, apparently he was also cheated out of 9 months of arm day at the gym according to a photo of the man posted by a female Facebook user who was not at all impressed.

As the rant continued allegations against the young woman began to pile up. Apparently, not only was Vivian guilty of ruining her own chances with the sorrowful skinflint, but for ruining Costa Rica’s chances as well.

Fortunately it’s not about the money though, that is, according to the guy that spent the last five minutes talking about “the money”. 

Like he said, he doesn’t mind paying half but he does mind giving kids candy. If a kid wants candy they need to show some initiative like the little Canadian entrepreneur shown in the photo below.




  1. …..you call yourself a writer? You must be friends with the ex-prostitute you’re defending, or maybe a client? You’re so quick to spray pejoratives at the man, yet you give the woman a pass with your “single mother” characterization. You’re a fucking hack. Everything the guy said about the woman is true. She’s a cold hearted swindler and a hustler and has a reputation as such in the small community where she lives. Like I said, you must be friends with her because you certainly took her side, and if one has to choose a side, you definitely chose the one that has done far more damage. Asshole.