The Costa Rica Post would like to welcome our newest intern, Eligio Bishop aka “Nature Boy”, to our team of talented unpaid writers, as well as congratulate him on finding time to write following article from Costa Rican jail.

Top 5 Nature Boy Quotes

By Eligio Bishop

Every cult leader has its own origin story, and I am no exception. I believe it was October 19th, 1988, that the original “Nature Boy”, Ric Flair, was given an offical holiday in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ten years later, Columbia, South Carolina commemorated March 24th as Ric Flair Day, and just a few months later it was Ric Flair Day in Norfolk, Virginia.

But it wasn’t until April 18th 2009 that the city of Charleston, West Virginia not only honored Nature Boy with an official holiday, but also gave the wrestling legend a key to their city, and that’s when I knew I wanted to be a cult leader.

Although it would still be many years before YouTube would lead me to Costa Rica, I was a different person, something had changed inside me. I knew then and there I would follow the teachings of Nature Boy. I would become Nature Boy myself.

Don’t bother closing the window, the guy behind you already saw what you were looking at.
 “In my years of studying to become Nature Boy I managed to compile a handy list of quotes by the original Nature Boy, Ric flair, that may help you become that what you wish to be. Enjoy”
– Eligio Bishop, Cult Leader

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