After a home invasion turned police standoff ended in exactly zero arrest this past weekend, neighbors are starting to question why anyone with any money would even want to live in Grecia in the first place.

One hater, who preferred to not be identified, seemed to place the blame squarely on the victims themselves. “Look around you, we’re all humble workers. Except for them. They have mansions over there, something doesn’t fit, it doesn’t make sense.” said the suspicious neighbor without a hint of envy in his voice.

If I were the OIJ I would start by investigating this guy

Although the OIJ continue to pitch the crime as a simple case of home invasion to the media, neighbors believe there is much more to the story, with some even claiming to “have heard” that the affected family had “big problems” before moving to the Used Car Mecca five years ago.

This is developing story so The Costa Rica Post will continue to keep our readers updated as more details emerge from our anonymous witnesses’s cousin’s neighbor’s girlfriend’s best friend’s sister who used to live next door to one of the victims.

The victims are also rumored to have friends with nice cars