In a video recently uploaded to Facebook, famed cult leader, Eligio “Nature Boy” Bishop, claims his group of mostly black cultist were racially discriminated against by Spirit Airlines after being refused deportation under the false pretense of stank.

According to Bishop, things got really real for the cult known as Melanation, when due to the pungent odors allegedly emitted by their bodies, the group was forced to deplane right before take-off on a flight bound for “America, despite the fact they were in the process of being deported.

In the video, which The Costa Rica Post has generously re-posted below, the cult leader can be heard declaring Spirit Airline’s actions as racist based on the fact that none of the black cult members, who who had been living out in the jungle for the last few months, had eaten anything smelly recently.

According to Bishops Facebook page, the allegedly smelly cult was finally able to fly out of Costa Rica this morning. The Costa Rica Post would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the victims of American Airlines flight #1238 to Miami. May God have mercy on their noses.