With Halloween right around the corner, and the Tico tendency to wait to the last minute for everything, TheCRPost has decided to provide you people with yet another handy list of DIY Halloween Costume Ideas that are sure to wow your expat friends (and probably get you shot and/or arrested). Here’s your Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Ticos:


The first costume on our list comes in the form of a very irritating YouTuber named JP Sears. For those of you have been under a rock (or smoking it), JP Sears is a Certified Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner/Ginger, who made the mistake of mocking Costa Rica in a YouTube video earlier this year, unintentionally evoking the wrath of entire nation. If you enjoy getting shot at by snowflakes, The Costa Rica Post highly recommends dressing up as JP Sears this Halloween.

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • A stupid looking wig

  • Chiffon Scarf/Headband

  • Woke AF Shirt

  • And the spine of a Jelly Fish


Our second costume suggestion comes at the expense of a well known Gringo by the name of Cuba Dave Strecker. Cuba Dave became a household name a while back after being arrested for allegedly violating a law that prohibits promoting Costa Rica as a sex tourism destination on the internet via his website www.cubadave.com. Dave made the news again this year when he was sent home after serving two years for a crime he was never convicted of. If you are old enough to ride the bus for free yet still have the sex drive of a 15 year old, Cuba Dave Strecker might be the right costume for you.

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Gray Hair

  • A Six-Pack
  • Pictures of Hookers

#3. The Stale Bread Shooter

If you are still unsure what you are going to dress up as this year, the “Stale Bread Shooter” is a great option for you gun owning Ticos looking to scare the crap out of pulperia employees. The real “Stale Bread Shooter” made headlines this past August when he nearly blew a man’s arm off over for selling his wife a loaf of stale bread, despite the fact the woman had already been refunded her money. This is a great option for people with short tempers and annoying wives.

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Wife beater

  • Vintage 70’s Gym Shorts

  • Beer Belly

  • Shotgun

  • And a baguette

#2. Head Smashing Herediano

If you decide to dress up as the head smashing Herediano this year chances are you wont be alone. This skull splitting hooligan became a hot topic this past august due to being released by judicial authorities immediately after he turned himself in for smashing another guy’s head with a rock despite the whole episode being caught on film. Warning: You may want to avoid trick-or-treating in Cartago if you plan on dressing up as the head smashing Herediano this year.

Here’s What You Will Need

  • Chata Hat

  • Fox Jacket

  • A Big Rock

  • No Life

  • And a sad little mustache

#1. Miss Cementazo

If you are looking for an original Halloween costume that will confuse your Gringo friends this year, look no further than “Miss Cementazo 2017”. Producing some of the biggest headlines of 2017, the recent Chinese Cement Scandal has changed the way Ticos look at cement, while leaving most Gringos confused as hell. By dressing up as a concrete beauty queen this year, you will be making a fashion statement while implicating as many politicians as possible.

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Empty Cement Bags 
  • Yellow Tape

  • A steady hand

  • And some friends in high places