Recently while researching for yet another Tico Food related article, one of our interns, “Tico Doug”, had the misfortune of stumbling across a Facebook Fan Page simply titled “Cocina Costarricense“.

Created in 2010, Cocina Costarricense is a Facebook page created by Luis Gonzalez, a proud Tico and Costa Rican food lover who admittedly is not a chef. And based upon the following pictures he took, we believe him.

 #10. Burned Eggs Anyone?

#9. “Would You Wake Up Early For This?”

*Spoiler Alert* Its fried bologna

#8. Field Corn and Numar

#7. Beans and Gourds

#6 ???????

#5. Burned Sandwich Anyone?

#6. Snow-Cone from Hell

#5. Spaghetti and Mayonnaise

#4. Hotdog. I think?

#3. I don’t know, I don’t want to know

#2. Ham N’ Tuna Sushi

#1. Sardine Spaghetti

Here at The Costa Rica Post we love the food in Costa Rica. From Chifrijo to Chifrijo, there is no shortage of delicious Chifrijo dishes in Costa Rica, but truth be told, we probably won’t be trying any of Mr. Gonzalez’s recipes any time soon. If you would like to learn more about Luis Gonzalez’s culinary creations, we highly recommend you check out his web page Recetas de Costa Rica.