An inappropriate relationship between a creepy transit police chief and his teenage lover ended in a murder-suicide in San Carlos this past Sunday. The public servant, identified as Pedro Arce Araya, ended his own life with a single bullet after putting three into the head of his teenage lover.

According to preliminary reports, the man who served as a Transit Police Chief to the area for the last ten years, and adoptive dirty uncle to a now deceased child for the last five, used his government issued service revolver to commit the crime. The young victim of the 56 year old police officer had allegedly been intimately involved with the with now deceased creeper since she was 15 years old. 

The crime occurred in an area of San Carlos known as “Sonafluca de La Fortuna”. Our thoughts and prayers are with the ostensibly absent parents of the young murder victim.

In other news, after serving two years in prison for having consentual sex with adults, Cuba Dave was finally available for comment.