A vehicle in Guanacaste is lucky to be alive after a harrowing accident that cost the young Prado its windshield, nearly took it’s life. In the dash cam footage we have posted below, the car can be seen traveling at a reasonable speed on a section of the Pan-American Highway between Puente La Amistad and Cruce de Limonal, before being hit head-on by six-pack of speeding cyclist who were riding on the wrong side of the road.

The driver, who should be safe from an online lynching by angry cyclist thanks to the following dash-cam footage, was left uninjured in the accident, while the six cyclist were quickly rushed to a local hospital. According to officials since only one lane of the highway was closed for the event the driver has well within his rights to be traveling in the opposing lane.

Five of the double-yellow line-crossing bike riders have since been released from the hospital, while one remains but is reported to be in stable condition. The Costa Rica Post has chosen not to identify the alleged athletes or their victims to avoid any potential lawsuits. We will keep you updated as higher-quality footage of the brutal accident becomes available.