Yesterday the Trump administration announced a move to end a special reprieve from deportation granted to illegal Nicaraguans currently living in the U.S., a move that according to some racist, could mean more Nicas for Costa Rica.

According to the announcement, the Department of Homeland Security will not be renewing the temporary protected status for over 5,000 Nicaraguans with irregular immigration status that are set to expire in January. The temporary status was originally offered after Hurricane Mitch wrecked the country in 1998, with many of the soon-to-be fired Nicas having have lived in the World’s Cheeseburger Capital for as long as 20 years.

You’re FIRED!

The Nicaraguans will only be allowed to stay in the U.S. until Jan. 5, 2019, unless they qualify to stay under other provisions of immigration law, at which point a bunch of jerks on Facebook are predicting that many will begin the long journey back to the country directly adjacent to their homeland.

“5000 Nicas headed this way….no no no…racist!….Nica Lover blocked.”

Surprisingly, despite the widespread Nicaphobia that runs rampant among our tropical nation’s normally impartial inhabitants, there are still more Nicaraguans in Costa Rica than there are Facebook pages dedicated to hating them.

One of our interns, “Nica Bob” who claims to be a Half-Nica that grew up in the Bay Area, was actually able to infiltrate one such group, and they really hate Nicas.

Bob, who spends half his time in San Juan Del Sur, and the other half connected to the free WiFi at the Cocal in Jaco, was gracious enough to send us some screenshots of some of the more “interesting” comments on the subject, many of which we have posted below. If you can’t read Spanish that is your problem not ours.

The previous comments were all direct responses to a La Nacion article on the subject that Bob posted under a fake username in a Facebook group full of monkeys aptly named “La Jungla en Costa Rica”. It should be noted however that Bob made the original post solely for the sake of eliciting responses from the page members in the name of quote/unquote “true investigative Journalism” and, unlike the idiots that usually post in the group, is totally not racist himself.

If you or anyone you know hates Nicaraguans or would also like to infiltrate the Facebook Group “La Jungla and Costa Rica” for the sake of trolling, feel free to send a join request, just make sure to answer the questions as shown below.

Thanks to the fact that one of our more crafty interns was able to ascend to the much coveted rank of “Group Moderator” by badmouthing Vigorón, your request for membership will be approved immediately.