A Canadian mother wants answers after the body of her adult son, who died under mysterious circumstances at a fancy hotel in Guanacaste this past October, was sent back to Canada, while his brain was not. Her son, 42-year-old Shawn Edmonds, died in the lobby of his hotel after an alleged altercation with a receptionist led to him being “calmed” by four members of the hotel’s security staff.

The situation supposedly occurred when Edmonds, who was there for a wedding, became enraged over not being able to use the 5-Star Hotel’s telephone to make a personal phone call. According to reports, after multiple attempts to use his Canadian charm to convince the female receptionist to break protocol failed, the much larger man allegedly tried to jump over the reception counter to attack the female, whom according to statistics, would have been around eight and half inches shorter than the Canadian man had the incident occurred back in 2014.

As stated in this article, it was at this point that lobby security got involved. According to the guards, “Mr. Edmonds was a strong man” and since they believed there could be a chance that a physical altercation could break out, they called for two additional guards to assist them. In total it would take four security guards to handcuff the 42-year-old carpenter who’s above average strength was most likely a result of a career dedicated to carpentry, bricklaying and drywalling.

The security guards, who swear they totally didn’t kill the buff Canadian, eventually called the police for assistance but according to the hotel physician, the man was already dead. Costa Rican authorities say they performed an autopsy on the man before sending his body back to Canada, but in true Tico fashion, someone forgot the brain back in.

“They did an autopsy down there (Costa Rico) and they took his heart and brain out. They put his heart back in, but they did not put his brain back.”, Edmonds’ mother told reporters, “I just want the truth and they can’t give me the truth.” Speaking as a Costa Rican who has dealt with multiple foreign deaths in this country, the truth is, in Costa Rica, the truth can often be hard to handle.

Costa Rican police have yet to rule whether Edmonds death should be considered suspicious or not.

Wait, what?






  1. He was my friend and the father of my niece’s, I know those security staff killed my.friend and that is why they “lost” his brain so we would never know they beat him to death, and him trying to attack a woman is plain lies he would never attack a lady they are painting a picture of him that never existed, he was a loving caring friend, and I promise you if I ever go there I will have justice