A man from Perez zeledon is lucky to not be sharing a cell with Juan Carlos Bolaños today, after allegedly shorting his baby’s mama 10 Colones in child support. The mother, who one of our interns is accusing of being a psycho, immediately called the police when she noticed the missing monies totaling nearly $0.02 in hard US currency.

9-1-1? Yes, this is an emergency

Fortunately the deadbeat father, who apparently had much more important things to spend the money on then his own child, jail time was avoided thanks to the efforts of his more dependable brother, who rushed to the bank to deposit the moneyout of his own pocket; essentially taking food out of his own children’s mouths to spare his brother the fate of bunking up with a bunch of scumbag bankers and rapist. Why he didn’t hand deliver it, bent up and dipped in dog poop, The Costa Rica Post will never understand.

Ten Colones shown here bent up and dipped in dog poop

Two Fuerza Publica officers were immediately dispatched in an effort to apprehend the dangerous criminal. Sentences for child support debts can carry up to a six month sentence. The baby mama was not immediately available for comment.