Its no secret that racism exist in Costa Rica. From “Colombos” to “Paisas”, we’ve got a nickname for everybody, and not all of them were created equal. Here in CR Asians are called “Chinos”, African-Americans are still “Negros” and if you are from the US or Canada, especially Canada, you are a God damn Gringo.

Despite the common perception that you people all look the same to us, the term “Gringo” has a lot less to do with your skin color than it does your inability to grasp the Spanish language, so don’t be surprised if you discover that someone whiter than you hates you just because you are a Gringo.

While some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, rednecks tend to wear theirs on the back of their trucks, and as it turns out, some of them are just bursting with racism.

Since Ticos are almost as racist as rednecks and bumper stickers are the next logical step in our evolution, The Costa Rica Post has compiled a series of images that show what bumper stickers in Costa Rica would look like if we were as openly racist as our mostly toothless, Trump-loving counterparts are. So without further ado, here’s some racist bumper stickers.

#6. Speak Spanish Or Die!!!

If you can’t read this you are too close too my country

#5. Just kidding, Welcome to Costa Rica (now speak Spanish Gringo)

Spanish? Do you speak it?

#4 …And if you are from Spain, do everyone a favor and lose the accent Tio

..or take your tapas and go home. Your choice.

#3. Adios Anchor BabiesĀ 

Otto Guevara ’18

#2 Fuck Off, We’re Full

Sorry, Not Sorry.

#1. Now That’s Racist!

Anyone that kneels to pick coffee should be fired! #covfefe