Thousands of jerks took to the streets today to protest one of the biggest problems facing Costa Rica; gay people. 

shown here touching butts

The march, which was comprised entirely of jerks and organized by the Catholic Church, began in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral in San José this morning, and much to the dismay of gay people everywhere, didn’t end with the Earth opening up and swallowing every last jerk in attendance.

would have been a lot cooler if it did

Among the jerks were several presidential candidates that no one should vote for, such as Rodolfo Piza from PUSC, Fabricio Alvarado from National Restoration, Stephanie Campos from Costa Rican Renewal, Rodolfo Hernández from Republican, Mario Redondo from Christian Democratic Alliance and Óscar López from PASE. All of which have been clear in their position against abortion, even in the case of raped children, and gay-marriage, even if the dudes are hot. 


God wasn’t immediately available for comment.