Gallo Pinto is 100% Nicaraguan. At least according to the comment section of an article about Gallo Pinto by it is.

Although we couldn’t help but agree with the author of the article when he said “blah blah blah blah blah”; from past experience, we knew that since the article was about “Gallo Pinto“, the comment section is where the party would be at.

So after making it through about 2 and 1/2 paragraphs of fluff, I hurriedly scrolled past the remainder of the seemingly endless sea of text which I assume consisted of SEO friendly filler about the history of rice and beans, William Walker, and how many squirts of Lizano it takes to get to the shiny bottom of a Teflon frying pan, among other “fun facts” that I had no interest in reading today.

The Comment Section

For those of you who can’t read Spanish, let us start by saying that here at The Costa Rica Post we are huge fans of your Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and for that reason alone, we have taken the time to translate the comments into Canadian for you below.

“100% Nicaraguan” – Silvia Rivas Jesus Silva

“The true and original Gallo Pinto is Nicaraguan ok? Everything else is just imitation Gallo Pinto. Ours is pure Nica like Pinol” – Bernardo Rivera

“Gallo Pinto, by law, belongs to the people of Nicaragua and is prepared in Costa Rica by immigrants. If you need confirmation you need only open a history book” – Marlon Castro

“Gallo Pinto is Nicaraguan like Vigoron, Nacatamal, Rondon, Quesillos, etc etc” – Arnoldo Law

“Nicaragua” – Humberto Valladares Pineda

“Gallo Pinto is Nica and this is how we do it my country” – Carlos Granja

This is how we do it in Carlos Granjas’ country apparently

“Nicas have been going to Costa Rica to work for decades….they brought our traditional dish Gallo Pinto….Ticos like it…..simple” – Mario Taboada Oritz


“What is this Pinto stupidity? Its called “Gallo Pinto” and it was invented by the same country that brought the world Alexis Arguello, Otto De la Rocha and Ruben Diario. Don’t come at me with the ticos that want to steal our ancestral recipe. If the Gringos that have wanted to conquer Nicaragua want to compare a masterpiece with an absurd cheap copy made by their country to the south, blaspheming the gastronomy of my country while the ticos are lacking in originality. That they want to steal from us several delicious dishes Nacatamales baho, Vigoron and many others and they want to believe that they created, they are really despicable” – Ramon Analid Gallegos Lopez

“Nicaraguan 100% both Gallo Pinto and Vigoron. The poor Ticos don’t even have a traditional dish” – Ovidio Jose Morales Calero

In yo face!