While the rest of his town fights to protect their water, an angry old man in Sardinal is fighting a battle of his own, on a local riverbank. The grumpy old geezer, who has apparently had it up to his gills with children enjoying the fresh water that flows past his farmhouse, decided to slice the smiles right off their faces with a good old-fashioned Bag O’ Glass.

Sick of seeing school children splashing in the spring, the old man, known locally as “Seal Whiskers“, allegedly gathered a bunch of broken bottles in a burlap bag, before dumping them in the┬álocal swimming hole while a handful of children watched helplessly. According to the original post, the man had already distributed most of the broken glass before anyone thought to start filming.

According the comments section of the original video, the man had a complicated birth and his mother may or may not have been a prostitute.