The views have been tallied. The critics have been ignored. Nothing but the hits: The Top 10 most crazy popular articles we put up this year.

#10. Ticos Forget to Put Brain Back in Dead Gringo

Costa Rican authorities say they performed an autopsy on the man before sending his body back to Canada, but in true Tico fashion, someone forgot the brain back in…Continue Reading

#9. Scumbag Gringo Serial Killer Gets 47 Years

Once a landscaper and loving father of three, Bill did what most guys would do after a failed marriage and started injecting steroids and opened a White Supremacy store. But sadly selling Swastikas wasn’t enough for Bill and soon the burly body builder set his sights on a new venture….Continue Reading

#8. Cuba Dave’s Release Makes Hookers Happy

In a display of unity not seen since 1997, when Snoop and Puffy came together to end the East Coast/West Coast rap wars, Costa Rica’s prostitutes came together to celebrate the release of the country’s most famous convict (and least famous rapper); Cuba Dave Strecker…..Continue Reading


#7. 5 Beautiful Costa Rican Beaches (That Want To Kill You)

In 2015 alone Costa Rica had 2.66 million visitors and nearly half of them were Gringos. According to the tourism board 55% of those travelers headed straight to one of the countries more than 300 exotic beaches for some fun in the sun but unfortunately for their families, not all of them made it home alive…Continue Reading

#6. Gringo Gets Racist Surprise On Receipt

A Caucasian man from Hog Wallow, Kentucky recently left a Costa Rican restaurant upset after seeing what he says is a racist label on his receipt…Continue Reading

#5. Tico Neighbors Teach Thieves a Lesson in Ticabán

Two men in Ticabán were wishing they were never born, after getting a generous taste of vigilante justice served up by their neighbors…Continue Reading

#4. Penis Shaped Storm Expected to Pound Costa Rica

The phallic weather phenomenon, which will make landfall next week, is expected to pound the country with hard rain according to forecasters. Weather experts are warning that residents of San Jose, Cartago and low lying coastal areas can expect to get very wet…Continue Reading

#3. Pedophile Police Chief Kills Teen Girlfriend Then Himself

An inappropriate relationship between a creepy transit police chief and his teenage lover ended in a murder-suicide in San Carlos this past Sunday. The public servant, identified as Pedro Arce Araya, ended his own life with a single bullet after putting three into the head of his teenage lover…Continue Reading

#2. JP Sears Before The Ticos Killed Him

orn on April 12, 1981, JP Sears was a Certified Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner, as well as an emotional healing coach, international teacher and YouTube star before his life was cut tragically short by mob of angry Ticos from Bound Brook New Jersey after posting a satirical video he filmed recently while on vacation in Costa Rica…Continue Reading

#1. 18 Amazing Photos From Today’s floods (you will thank God you didn’t take yourself)

For those of you fortunate enough to not be affected by the storm, The Costa Rica Post compiled a collection of 18 photos that you will thank God you didn’t take yourself…Continue Reading