The Raw Vegan Anti-Science Community is in an uproar today, after the Costa Rican court system purportedly ruled against alleged loving mother three, Zoe Jevaughn, in the case of YOGA Vs. SCIENCE. And despite the large number of Likes her prayer request received, the misguided young mother was forced to spend Christmas Eve in a toiletless Tico jail cell.

Zoey, an Oregon transplant who came to Costa Rica “on a mission to free children from an epidemic of disease by teaching how to heal with raw food,” currently stands accused by the Costa Rica government of endangering her own children by trying to heal their diseases with raw food instead of actual medicine.

The Costa Rica Post first became aware of the raw veggie pusher this past May when she admitted to denying her children antibiotics to treat the painful staph infection that had spread across their tiny bodies, in favor of promoting her raw vegetable lifestyle.

The American woman allegedly had her daughter’s eight month old staph infection under control until the child welfare services (PANI) stepped in, which according Jevaughn, caused the young girl to require medical treatment, something that was previously unneeded.

Fortunately for the children, they didn’t die, and were allowed by PANI to spend Christmas with their cooked vegetable eating grandfather instead, where they were reportedly showered with lavish gifts such as soap and antibiotics.

Since the court system has yet decide who will be given custody of the children, anyone with any information regarding the case is encouraged to contact the local PANI office or send a self addressed, stamped email to

Click HERE to help send the children back to the USA where they belong.



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