BREAKING: A locomotive accident has left two Ticos dead and one injured this morning in San Rafael de Alajuela.

The tragic accident occurred when two flatcars carrying heavy concrete beams, derailed and struck a passenger vehicle that sat waiting for the antique train engine and overloaded freight cars to pass. The derailed train section ended up dragging the vehicle and its occupants nearly over 300 meters, while crushing them underneath the weight of train car and it’s contents.

The two perished victims, a man and woman, were identified as being the occupants of the vehicle, while it is still unclear whether or not the third victim, currently reported as being in critical condition, was a fellow passenger or a pedestrian who happened to be walking along the tracks. Noticias Alajuela recently went live from the scene, so natural we stole the video and posted it on YouTube; but we prefer this footage we took from Buen Dia.

This is a breaking story so stay tuned for updated information. The OIJ has yet to release the names of the victims.